Cooling system is very important to the health of the engine . Cooling system prevent overheating and extensive engine repair. A small water leak from the water stopper , radiator hose or a failed water pump if not tackle in time may caused extensive engine damages. Water leaking symptom may not be explosion in nature . It can be a) noticing a small puddles of water under the car , 2)having to top up coolant more often 3)having high temperature during a jam or slow traffic and temperature returning to normal during high speed 4) burning smell of “hot water” or 5) Steam coming out from the bonnet.

During our Servicing of your car , our careful technician will look out for sign of a water leak e.g water leaking stained mark on the radiator and even perform a water pressure test to check and identify any water leak and stop it before it cost you a bomb to repair a failed engine

Pressure Test

Radiator Top Leak

Minor Leak

Major Leak ( rusty radiator water)