Just like the engine system , air con component such as the compressor oil , air con filter (cabin filter), cooling coil , air con expansion valve , air pipe etc need to be examined and replaced to ensure reliable and efficient operation.

Checking or changing the compressor oil help avoid compressor wear due to dirty oil . Contaminated compressor oil can protentially harm the compressor and lead to compressor failure.

Air con filter that is clogged with dirt and bacteria affects air flow and affect the air con system. A dirty filter clogged with bacteria is harmful for health.

The evaporator core or cooling coil is a breeding ground for bacteria , micro-organism and even fungus due to the moist environment . This lead to nasty smells can even make you sick especially if you have allergies or asthma. These micro-organism growth also corrode the cooling coil fin and eventually lead to air con gas leakage.

We recommend a general service of your air con system at least once every 12 month so that it can be examined for any signs of breakdwon of the hoses, connections and seals to ensure air con gas level is kept at optimum level. Our Air con General Service start from $60/- bf gst

  • Check & Replace Air con filter
  • Replace air con compressor oil
  • Inspect air con hose for leak

Air con System Flush with machine

Air con cooling coil contaimination & leaks