Auto transmission system is responsible for moving your vehicles and repairs to the auto transmission can be expensive . Transmission fluid should be inspected at regular interval to check the health of the auto transmision fluid and ensure there is no oil leakagel . A low transmission fluid indicate a leak and will not properly protect the gear component . A degraded ATF oil will not give the gear component proper protection.

Some of the symptom of a bad auto transmission system :

  • Can’t engage gear or gear is stucked
  • Shifts are delayed or missing gears
  • Transmission slipping or engine is revving high
  • Transmission fluid is leaking.
  • If there is buzzing, clunking, humming noise from the transmission
  • Car has no power
  • Check Engine Light or Over Drive Light is on

Transmission has a useful life and will eventually failed. Regular maintenance such as replacing the Auto Transmission Fluid at regular interval,check and stop any ATF oil leakage , attend immediately to an Engine Check light indicating Auto transmission problem are some of the ways not to shorten your auto transmission useful life.