Engine Flush


Engine Flush

Engine flushing is a procedure that is used to clean the engine of sludge and other elements that build up in various parts of the machinery over time. The main purpose of this procedure is to prolong the life of the engine. By flushing an engine periodically, the internal components of the engine remain relatively clean and thus perform at optimum levels.

The process involved pouring cleaning chemical into the engine and allowing it to circulate through the engine just like the oil that lubricate the engine component .  The cleaning chemical will break down the sludge collected on the engine parts and make their way down to the oil pane and eventually draining the contaminants out of the engine via the drain plug.

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What does Engine Flush do to my engine ?

  1. Reduce sludge deposit in the valve lifter gallery
  2. Clean up Valves
  3. Reduce Vanish in transmission seal , piston

Don’t put clean oil in a dirty engine! Get your engine flush before Oil Change.