Wheel Alignment


Wheel alignment involves adjusting the angles of the wheels so that they are perpendicular to the ground and parallel to each other. Wheel alignment can affect the amount of wear and tear to the tire. Correct alignment maximize driver and passenger comfort,   help increase tire life and performance,  improve fuel economy and improved handling and driving safety by […]

Engine Flush


Engine Flush Engine flushing is a procedure that is used to clean the engine of sludge and other elements that build up in various parts of the machinery over time. The main purpose of this procedure is to prolong the life of the engine. By flushing an engine periodically, the internal components of the engine […]

Auto Transmissions Oil Changes


Auto Transmissions Oil Changes Automatic transmissions  is make up of a lot of planetary gear , clutches , torque convertor , hydraulic system  to move transmission fluid around. As your car clock mileage, these parts in the transmission are subject to wear and tear and slowly your engine and transmission is gathering harmful deposits that […]

Radiator Cooling System

Radiator Cooling System

Radiator Cooling System The car engine produces heat and the cooling system such as the radiator, water pump, water hose; water pumps works and the coolant work hard to prevent your car from overheating. If any one of the component failed the car will overheat. Through time, radiator get choked or corroded, which may lead […]

Brake Fluid


Brake Fluid Brake Fluid need to be replaced periodically as moisture can build up in the fluid which affects braking efficiency, effectiveness and reduce corrosion of brake system components.  A contaminated brake fluid and corroded brake system can actually lead to total brake failure. Clean brake fluid not only protects your safety it also prolongs […]